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Our Vision & Mission:


Shri Divya Dwarka Dham (Shri Dham Vrindavan) 


A place of Abode for the devotees of Lord Shri Radha Krishna in which devotees of Lord Shri Radha Krishna from all over the world will come and express their devotion to Almighty God and their human birth will be meaningful in which the support of the devotees is inevitable.


Shri Radhakrishna Gau Shala Foundation is the organization where besides attaining Peace of Mind and All round "Body, Soul and Mind" Development, one will be able to get World-Class Online Live Consultancy not only in Astrology, Reiki Healing, Unique first of its kind Attitude-based Therapy, Skill Based, Social Impact, Global Employment opportunity due to Pandemic, etc., but also online collection of Exclusive Devotional items from all over India, whose earnings will also be utilized in Charitable State- of- the- Art Construction and Development of Smart Gau Shala, encompassing Holistic Wellness (Ayurveda) Centers/Resort, Meditation and  Yoga Centre and Yogic Village with Organic Farming for "All Round Rejuvenation of Body, Soul & Mind" for which the support of all revered Shri Radhakrishna's devotees will inevitably, voluntarily, be forthcoming Globally.


All the revered Devotees shall enjoy all the above benefits for the Life Time.


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